Numero (Scorpio) by DOOODOLLS

Talk about competitive! Numero (Scorpio)has never lost a game or competition in his life; in fact, he wins every contest there is! 

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He has many trophies, of course, but he carries a special one on his chest for extra luck.


Comes individually boxed. 


Approx 11" tall.


DOOODOLLS™ A million light years away, A group of friendly monsters came to play, Fun and friendly they were, Human friends they sought for sure!

Welcome to the special world of Dooodolls! We are all different, yet alike. We were created as equals, but no two are ever the same. Who are we?


DOOODOLLS are the brainchild of Malaysian graphic designer Darren Chen. Each one represents a star sign and is skillfully hand-stitched to perfection.




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