Eboy New York - iPhone 4 & 4S Skin

Protect your iPhone 4 & 4S  from scratches with artist-designed removable skins created by eBoy.

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Availability: We've got it!

3M Controltac vinyl protection for iPhone 4 & 4S


About the Artists:

Undisputed sovereigns of pixel art, the German graphic collective eBoy has developed throughout the years a sophisticated artwork where you can see rampaging robots climbing big buildings next to tanned bikini girls, all of it in a complex and fun looking 3D world. With their shiny style, Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr have quickly earned worldwide recognition, and caught the eye of companies as big as MTV, Honda, or Coca-Cola.

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[NOTE: Purchase does not include iPhone, only the artist-designed removable skin.  With your package, you will receive details on how to download the matching wallpaper for your iPhone.]

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