Sketchbot Variant 1 - Orange Version

Sketchbot is the creation of artist & animator Steve Talkowski Limited to 500 pieces and packaged with a unique pencil accessory and matching sticker. Measures 5 inches tall with 6 points of articulation.

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About Steve Talkowski: Steve has been working in the computer graphics and animation field since 1987. Upon moving to New York City in 1994, he landed at Blue Sky Studios, honing his character animation skills on the ground-breaking features Joe's Apartment, Alien Resurrection, Bunny (1998 Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Short) and Ice Age.  Recent years found him directing, designing and animating a wide variety of characters for BMW, Cheerios, Quaker Oats, French's, Chapstick, M&M's, Pepsi and Target, to name a few. In 2008, Steve responded to the yearning to create something unique and personal. Quitting his day job and going freelance, he was able to pursue that vision and proceeded to develop a character that embodied the spirit of creativity, housed within a quirky, retro-style robot.


Sketchbot was born! In March 2010, the character served as a blank canvas for 50 artists to customize for the wildly successful Sketchbot Custom Show held at My Plastic Heart. Steve currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife, new baby girl and dog.  A new show is on the way... check Steve's blog for more news:

Produced and manufactured by Sketchbot Studios in association with Solid Ind.

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