Tcho! - Muttpop (Spicy Glow)

These Muttpop's Tcho! Spicy Glow mini-figure series features comic characters from the Tcho! Comics Anthology re-interpreted by French artist, Ohm.

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Muttpop's Tcho! Spicy Glow Limited Edition figures range in height from 7cm to 11cm. Each of the 5 purchasable figures (Jubbei, Moko, Captain Biceps, Lou, and Malika) comes with 1 of 5 pieces to assemble a bonus sixth figure (Titeuf).


NOTE: These toys are not sold as blind box - you can choose the Spicy Glow toy that you want. The boxes have been opened to confirm the toys, but the clear plastic encased toy has not been opened.


About the Artist:

Ohm is the creator of BAO BATTLE comic book series, where Moko of Tcho! is a character. He added an element called "Super Cute, Classy but Not Hot Pink Silly" to the already existing characters by different artists to create a consistent look for the Tcho! toys.

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