Climate Change Penguin by Saka Karakuri

Saka Karakuri are paper trick mechanisms: beautifully designed, easy to make, quirky Japanese humor.

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Karakuri (Japanese, meaning “trick mechanism”) are devices whose mechanical movement is designed solely to amuse or surprise. These charming Karakuri papercraft kits by Japanese designer Keisuke Saka are indeed full of surprise with a dose of dark humour. Climate Change demonstrates a penguin attempting to fly.

Keisuke Saka is one of Japan’s best paper engineers. His beautiful designs are thoughtful with only a few moving parts, yet producing elegant movement. The kits require cutting (scissors and a craft knife), folding, and gluing (school-type PVA adhesive) to assemble. Each one takes less than two hours to complete. Karakuri are printed on quality paper with a colourful cover boldly showing each model.

The models are packaged in a letter-sized sleeve, and assemble to approximately 13cm to 25cm in height and 10cm to 15cm in width.

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